High pressure cleaning machines

Sadit manufactures top of the line high-pressure washing machines. Here you can find the full line of our high pressure cleaning machines for industry professionals.

High pressure accessories

High pressure fittings from the world’s leading companies. Here you can find the biggest variety of high-pressure accessories: pressure regulators and valves, spray guns, nozzles, filters, foam generators, tank or barrels cleaning, injectors, high pressure reels. We will be happy to advise you and customize the equipment for you.


Here you can find sadit manufactured sewer cleaning and breaching machines and all the necessary accessories for sewage cleaning from cleaning nozzles to root braking nozzles and more. Our sewer breaching machines can be modified to fit any commercial vehicle.


Equipment and foam generators from the world’s leading companies Alongside sadit self-manufactured foaming solutions for any industrial need. We will be happy to give you our professional advice and adapt the products to your needs.Compressed air foamersSpray & Foam Dispenser, foam lances and more.


As an extended branch of our sewer breaching machines, we also manufacture negative pressure vacuum units for easy and effective sewer drainage and access.


Sadit imports top quality pumps from the world leading manufacturers.  We have high quality and professional pumps for a variety of applications including pumps for drainage opening, pumps for sewer cleaning trucks, sea water pumps piston pumps, peristaltic pumps, air pumps, diaphragm pumps and more.

food industry and laundries

Equipment and instruments for the food industry and for industrial laundries from the best manufacturers in the world. Pumps,DISHWASHING dispenser, Laundry Dispenser,odor control,foamers, proportioners, drainage maintenance, dilution centers, backflow preventers, on-premise laundry and more. Here you can get professional advice to suit your needs.


Israel’s largest selection of professional nozzles imported from the world’s leading companies and used for a wide range of applications in all types of industries, agriculture, production lines, Quarries and more.Fan nozzles, fog nozzles, air nozzles, full cone nozzles, hollow cone nozzles, tank cleaning nozzles.ATEX nozzles, rotating nozzles. Call for advice and customization for your needs.

Car wash

Equipment and instruments for the car wash industry from the best manufacturers in the world. Pumps, lances, foamers,high pressure washing machines, injectors, lance holders, car wash brushes, backflow preventers, swivels, spray guns, nozzlesand more. Here you can get professional advice to suit your needs.

Household cleaning

Sadit imports a variety of household and small businesses cleaning equipment

From basic high pressure washing machines to hose reels and electrical vacuum window cleaner.

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