70L/M 150BAR Sewer Breaching Machine

Unit for breaking sewage lines 70 liters per minute in 150 wells. The unit includes: 35 hp petrol engine, 17 liter petrol tank, piston pump with a flow rate of 70 liters per minute with maximum pressure of 150 bar, pressure regulator Suction filter 11/2 “to thoroughly filter the water entering the pump. A 500-liter round plastic water container, including a water level meter and a mechanical buoy. Aluminum pulley with 50 meter tank fill tube. A 50-meter pulley with a half-pressure pipe for break-in (can be upgraded to a 3/4 “pipe with a hydraulic propulsion system). Breakthrough. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM FOR REMOTE CONTROL.


Technical Specifications:

Product Code Pressure (BAR)/Output (l/m) Entry/Exit HP/Speed (rpm) Voltage/Temp
70.150 70/150 35 hp gasoline